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Do Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts Float Or Sink? By Kristy Taylor

You may already be knee deep in affiliate marketing but how are your commissions faring? Could you do with a few tips and tricks to help float your bank balance?

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way of making money online, and almost anyone can do it. If you’ve already taken the plunge and have a good handle on the workings of this occupation, then fantastic, that’s great. But if you’re new or would like to perk up your bottom line and your way of doing things, here are a few ideas for you.

Try to pick a niche that isn’t already saturated. With a slightly narrower niche you won’t have as much competition. Browse the marketplaces at Clickbank.com and Paydotcom.com for products that fit your niche. You can also give Amazon.com a try, but their commission level is much lower than what you’ll find at either of the first two websites.

When you have decided on a product that fits your niche, just building a website or blog that briefly mentions the product and links to it may not cut it. The search engines like pages with lots of relevant and fresh content on them. If you aren’t able to add fresh content, consider adding a feedback form so your visitors can leave messages. These messages will mostly be about the product and will in turn become new content. In other words, nice fresh relevant content.

Don’t rely on one main website sending you traffic, like an article directory for example. They may be a very popular free article site, but there are many others out there. You can also sign up for free accounts at places like Squidoo.com, Yola.com, Knol.google.com, and Hubpages.com, and add your own content with your links pointing to your main website. This will help boost your page rank.

The content you create doesn’t have to be just articles. You can also write reviews and press releases, and don’t forget complaints. Complaints get searched on a lot and you could get a lot of traffic by writing a review that starts out as a complaint but ends on a more positive note about the product. Many people research a product before buying and use search terms like “product + scam or review or bad” etc… so be sure to add these keywords if you want to target that traffic.

Offer a freebie if people sign up to your list so you can keep marketing to them if they don’t buy the first time. Some product creators offer banners and a variety of text adverts you can use to attract buyers, and sometimes they also have excerpts of the actual product that you can give away to get signups. Ask the product creator if you can brand the excerpt with your affiliate link.

If you’re not good at creating any type of content and don’t want to add a feedback form to your website, you can buy articles that have been ghostwritten for you to use instead. You can ask for these articles to be written about a particular product or subject and which keywords you want included. You could also add your affiliate link to some of these articles and offer an e-course for signups.

There are so many more things you could be doing to help your website get more traffic and ultimately make more and higher commissions. Try to think outside the box, remembering that not all methods are right for all marketers. And be sure to keep paddling away otherwise you’ll likely sink. Trying to keep your head above water is just the start of the game when it comes to affiliate marketing. So stay dry!

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