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My model of business is The Beatles! Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 2003 Rare Interview : 5:44 min

It all started with Georg Lucas; he had a problem …he being the genius that he was……I bought into that dream both sort of spiritually and financially and together we started Pixar in 1986

My model of business is The Beatles.  You know they were 4 very talented guys who balanced each other… And the song was greater.. The total was greater than the sum of parts.  I see business that way too.  It’s really always a team…with the Beatles when they were together they did truly brilliant innovative work…And when they split up they did good work, but it was never the same ; and I see business that way too, it’s really always a team.


Q. to Steve: As a person what´s your biggest strength ? Steve: I have been very lucky in meeting incredibly talented people and uh…and and hanging out with them and so that’s been my greatest strength. Q. to Steve: And what is your biggest weakness ?  Steve: You know I think all of us need to be on guard against arrogance which uh… which knocks at the door whenever you’re successful.

Have you lived through that ?  Steve: 

Oh Sure !  As you may know I was basically fired from Apple when I was thirty and uh…and was invited to come back twelve years later so… that was “the difficult” when it happened but maybe the best thing that ever happened to me?!


There would´nt have been a Pixar if that hadn’t happened and uh... so you move on. Life goes on and you learn from it.  I like working with people. Where you have a chance to uh… in a very small way…  influence how things go. Influence the way people look at you. I still believe that the computer business is in it´s infancy… that there’s a tremendous amount of innovation.. it´s gonna be coming out. I’m optimistic; as to The Future Computer Business.

Pixar Animation Studios, or simply Pixar (/ˈpɪksɑr/, stylized PIXAR), is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California.  Pixar began in 1979 as the Graphics Group, part of the computer division of Lucasfilm before its spin-out as a corporation in 1986 with funding by Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, who became its majority shareholder

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