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Memo from netkaup.is “MEMO idea bank”

 “MEMO idea bank”

Why is it that we always
seem to get our BEST
business ideas when we’re
doing things totally
unrelated to our business?

Really! It almost never

Ideas often come when you
least expect them.

And that’s the problem…

When you try to recall;
the article title or the
marketing idea or website
topic later on, OH NO…

They’re gone!

Because good ideas come
without warning and at odd
times and places…
And because they disappear
as quickly as they appeared…

Keep a small notebook handy.

Call it “MEMO idea bank”

Just write down those
excellent ideas and
the ideas will be ready.

They’ll be preserved and
at your fingertips.

If you make regular “deposits”
in your “MEMO idea bank,” you’ll
always have fresh ideas for
new sites, new articles,
and new niches to get into.

So grab a small notebook and
keep it with you…

Because you never know when
inspiration will strike!