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Ocado has gone Google

April Fools’ Day pranks of 2014

The perfect time for a product of this magnitude?  Welcome to the very latest in mobile design. From now on, we think you’ll be shopping on a ‪#‎sLablet‬.

The world’s largest tablet, the 42″ sLablet.   

Where Online Mobile Shopping is Fun.

Ocado is the UK’s only dedicated online supermarket, which sells groceries, household products, toys, books, and magazines.

Ocado  Have Fun !

UK´s only Online Supermarket

April Fools’ Day pranks of 2014

01.04. 2014.  NCO eCommerce has gone Google

 Give, Earn and Have Fun





Amazon Kindle – All New Kindle Fire HD


 Amazon Kindle Fire HD   2012 Event


Amazon Kindle Fire HD  6th of Sept. 2012

Amazon debuts  $299  8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD  &  4G LTE for $499

Amazon announces new Kindle e-reader with ‘paperwhite’ display


“We’re happy that people are still using Kindle 1’s from five years ago.”

The Kindle Fire HD joins Amazon’s new suite of Kindle devices, including the new 7-inch Kindle Fire, a smaller 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Paperwhite. The 16GB 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD will cost $299, while the 32GB model will be priced at $369. For those who’d prefer 4G LTE connectivity, pricing will start at $499 for the 32GB model and $599 for the 64GB model. Service is furnished by AT&T with data plans costing $49.99 per year with a monthly data cap of 250MB, 20GB of cloud storage, and a $10 Appstore credit. Owners will also have the option to upgrade to 3GB and 5GB data plans, though pricing information was not revealed.

AMAZON KINDLE       www.netkaup.is      


New Android Tabled from Samsung

September 2. in germany a new tablet from Samsung will be introduced. Samsung Galaxy Tab.