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Wolfman Jack At WNBC : NATO Base KEF Airport 1973

Memory Lane  Wolfman Jack on 66 WNBC Back in 1973

If you feel like Rock and Roll You better take your shoes off. (At 3:46 in the video)

Dick Clark Interview Wolfman Jack  1976

Dick Clark interviews Wolfman Jack on American Bandstand. Clark asks him about his voice, his family, and takes questions from the audience. He speaks about how he has always been a silly man and how excited he is to be on a Dick Clark show. He also mentions how he is going to spend Christmas with his family and how his wife is very pretty. An audience member asks Jack how he got the name ‘Wolfman Jack.’

Headline News – Deaths of Gale Gordon & Wolfman Jack, July 2, 1995.

(At 0:30 in the video)

Netkaup.is Music Entertainment

Google the magic moments I/O 2013 Highlights

Published on Jun 4, 2013   4.37 min.

Google I/O May 15-17, 2013

Moscone Center, San Francisco

Relive the magic moments of Google I/O 2013, including the keynote, sessions, Developer Sandbox, and After Hours.


Robin Gibb 1949 – 2012 Bee Gees – In Memoriam

In Memoriam of Robin Gibb 1949 – 2012

The Bee Gees sold well over 100 million albums and had six consecutive No. 1 singles from 1977 to 1979. They were also inextricably tied to the disco era’s defining movie,“Saturday Night Fever,” a showcase for their music that included the hit “Stayin’ Alive,” its propulsive beat in step with the strut of the film’s star, John Travolta.

How SEO With Video Can Rank You On Google’s First Page.

How SEO With Video Can Rank You On Google’s First Page with moderately competitive keywords.  You can use PPC but if you don´t know what you are doing you might as well throw your money away.  The Method is with VIDEO  to rank on Google´s first page in 3 days.  Above those with hundred of thousunds of back links pointing to them http://www. etc.

It takes an average of 3 days to get your VIDEO ranked high for almost any KEYWORD.  Dominate the search SEO game now and you can  sell using VIDEO with good ROI.  Return on Investment.    Andy Jenkins.


CCP Games annual Eve Online Fanfest 2012 in Harpa

CCP Games annual Eve Online Fanfest 2012

An exciting weekend ahead bringing together press, gaming industsry and players in a massive celebration of the virtual world of EVE Online.

21. mar. 2012

  • eve-folk

Fanfest brings together press, gaming industry and players in a massive celebration of the virtual world of EVE Online next weekend on March 22- 24th. Travelers from all around the world gather in Reykjavik for the occasion. Allies and rivals alike set aside their in-game differences to share drinks with one another and forge new friendships. CCP developers mingle with the community, always up for “talking shop” and getting to know the players.

GusGus and Ham headline CCP Games annual EVE Online Fanfest “Party at the Top of the World” show on Saturday night.

Previous years guests include 2manyDJs, Booka Shade and FM Belfast.

Also performing this year will be HaZar, PartyZone DJs, RöXöR, Permaband & DJ Margeir.

Please visit EVE Fanfest site for further details:http://fanfest.eveonline.com/en/default

Event: Fanfest 2012
Dates: March 22nd-24th, 2012
Location: Harpa Concert Hall and Convention Center, Reykjavík, IcelandFanfest brings together players in a massive celebration of the virtual universe and community of EVE. Travelers from all around the world gather in one of the most beautiful and unique locations the planet has to offer. Allies and rivals alike set aside their in-game differences to share drinks with one another and forge new friendships. CCP developers mingle with the community, always up for “talking shop” and getting to know the players.Information and new announcements on the latest tech and upcoming milestones will be presented exclusively atFanfest 2012. The universe of EVE Online is expanding in every way imaginable and there’s no better place to herald news this awesome than at the top of the world, surrounded by throngs of excited fans.

Breaking  NEWS  Intro from June 2011

SONY & CCP : Dust 514 & EVE online


Netkaup – Netræn Markaðssetning 2012

Smelltu á linkinnFrank Kern

Frank Kern presents The State Of The Internet for the year 2012

Netræn Markaðssetning   –  Staða mála í ársbyrjun 2012   – Frank Kern

I      Netræn Markaðssetning :

Varan –  Markaðssetning  – Tæknileg atriði.
II     Auglýsingar :

How to Convert Paid Advertising into Traffic

Tungumál enska


“Stingum af” með Mugison á jólum 2011

Með jóla kveðju,


Adele on the top of the list in UK & USA www.netkaup.is

Hin tuttugu og eins árs gamla breska söngkona, Adele, hefur sprungið út sem listamaður á árinu 2011 og komist strax í hóp fárra listamanna sem ná að setjast í toppsæti á sölu- og vinsældarlistum bæði í Bretlandi og Bandaríkjunum.

Netsíðan www.netkaup.is setur Adele í hóp fólks sem „skiptir máli” á árinu 2011.

Iceland: Unique Beer – Einstök Ölgerð www.netkaup.is – One World

Jack Sichterman is inspired by Iceland  –  Unique Beer – Einstök Ölgerð – One World

Unique Culture    –    Best Water in the World     –    Creative People   –   Great Business Partners

You see our Packaging, Our Beer and our Product……   www.netkaup.is

On 3 March 2011 Invest in Iceland and Promote Iceland organised a meeting for Italian Investors in Rome. The President of Iceland, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, was in Rome on an official visit  and was invited to meet the investors. Here are some excerpts from his speech.

Click on the link  :   http://vimeo.com/23641134


Freddie Mercury (Queen) The Great Pretender From 5th of Sept. 1946 to 24th of November 1991

Freddie Mercury   –   www.netkaup.is

I´m the great pretender

The Show Must Go On

Happy Birthday !

Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara on Thursday September 5th 1946 on the small spice island of Zanzibar. His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, were both Parsee (Persian).

In our hearts FOREVER!

Queen – Love of My Life

GEORGE HARRISON – Living In The Material World

GEORGE HARRISON :   “You have to change”

FAMOUS rebel, an Innovator, the QUIET BEATLE, unknown VISIONARY

In a lifetime you can become anything.

Here comes the SUN.   www.netkaup.is

Martin Scorsese’s Trailer

Facebook unveils video chat with Skype www.netkaup.is

The video calling feature, which became available on Wednesday, is likely to prompt many Facebook users to spend more time online and even less time on the phone.

“This is by far the easiest way to get connected by video,” Facebook engineer Philip Su said as he detailed how it worked at Wednesday’s news conference. “If it were any easier than this one click, it would be reading your mind.” CLICK  the link :


Yeah – They Spent $3,100,000 on this.

Parisian Love

People love to buy but they don´t like to be sold to.

With over 6 MILLION Views on YouTube, this video called “Parisian Love” is one of Google’s most memorable advertising messages – ever.

An American finds love in Paris. Watch more Search Stories by Google at http://youtube.com/searchstories

www.netkaup.is   –   The Video Boss